7 Key questions about Sibutramine

7 Key questions about Sibutramine

1. What is the difference between manipulated and industrialized Sibutramine?

It is not recommended the consumption of compounding, first because often it is mixed with other substances such as amphetamines, always harmful to health and second that the quality and origin of sibutramine is doubtful.

The industrialized medicine is always the best option.

2. Can Sibutramine be mixed with other substances?

Although not very common, some doctors suggest the use of sibutramine with other substances such as amphetamines. Look for escape of these combinations and talk to your doctor about the necessity of effective mixing with other substances.

3. Can I take Sibutramine and drink alcohol?

Sibutramine is a medicine neurological action and, therefore, alcoholic beverages may not be consumed during treatment.

In addition to the adverse reactions alcohol cuts the effect of the remedy.

4. Can I take Sibutramine during pregnancy or breast-feeding?

It is forbidden to use the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding may cause serious risks to the baby.

5. Sibutramine cause impotence or changes the sexual appetite?

No cases of impotence with the use of sibutramine, but can occur in either the increase and decrease sexual appetite during its use.

6. When you stop taking sibutramine will I gain the weight in double?

During the use of sibutramine is important as it is made a dietary re-education so that to stop the use of the medicine, you do not eat compulsively. Enjoy the time you are taking the remedy, to work their head and body in search of a correct power supply.

7. Sibutramine cause abdominal pain or disrupts the menstruation?

Although not common, the use of the substance can deregulate the cycle and the menstrual flow, as well as cramping and abdominal pain may occur.